TDOT Update On Broad and Memorial Interchange


Bell & Associates and their subcontractors have tried to make the most of the relatively mild winter conditions this past quarter.

Progress has been made on the new overpass with the prime contractor completing abutment #1 on the west side of the bridge, the cap on interior bent #1, and three out of the four footings and columns required for interior bent #2. At the same time, Highways Inc. has placed a majority of the fill material that will be needed to construct the western approach for the new bridge and the northeast ramp. Removal, storm drainage, and widening activities have also taken place on the left side of Memorial Boulevard and Broad Street.

In the upcoming weeks, Bell and their subcontractors will focus on curb, sidewalk, and asphalt placement on the northeast ramp. When this work is completed, they will shift west bound traffic on Memorial Boulevard to this ramp and begin construction of the eastern bridge approach.

In the meantime, Bell is scheduled to set the first steel girders for the bridge this week.

As Highways Inc. places borrow material in lifts for the eastern approach, other work items will become available such as storm drainage, the placement of select backfill behind the interior retaining walls, and landscaping.

Motorists are urged to use caution, reduce speed, and be alert to changing road conditions in the construction zone.

Key Project Events:

• Portions of Broadmor Blvd. will be closed until further notice.
• Traffic on Broad St. will remain reduced from 7 to 5 lanes from West Main St. to Ridgely Rd.
• Work on project ramps and retaining walls will continue.

For more information, please visit the project website at or contact Kathryn Schulte, TDOT Region 3 Community Relations Officer, 615-350-4302 or [email protected]

TDOT Project website


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