Photo: myTDOT/Facebook

NASHVILLE – After a grueling week of winter weather, Tennessee Department of Transportation crews have been able to clear most lanes on state-owned roadways in middle Tennessee.

Drivers should contact their local city or county to check the condition of locally owned/neighborhood roads.

From the evening of Sunday, February 14 through the morning of Friday, February 19, TDOT has used approximately 27,500 tons of salt and logged over 170,000 miles clearing and treating roadways across 26 counties in middle Tennessee.

While crews are continuing to treat any remaining snow/ice issues, TDOT is also preparing for pothole patching. Potholes form when moisture seeps into the pavement, freezes, expands, and then thaws, leaving a void that eventually caves in under vehicle traffic.

Crews will have to use a cold mix to make temporary repairs until asphalt plants open regularly in the spring. More information on potholes is available here, or drivers can report potholes with TDOT’s online maintenance request form here.

For the latest on road conditions, check TDOT SmartWay before you go: and visit our Traffic Page.

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