Friday, September 17, 2021


cracked cellphone screen

UBREAKIFIX Presents 5 Ways to Protect Your Phone Screen

By Heather Listhartke It never fails - the one time you aren’t taking caution to protect your phone is the exact moment when you drop...

Replace or Repair Electronics? UBREAKIFIX Looks at Both Sides

As you tackle your spring cleaning, you may be finding some old tech around the house that you no longer use. Although you don't...

UBREAKIFIX to Open in Murfreesboro

By Ashley Irwin UBREAKIFIX is the one-stop-shop for fixing any electronic you can think of. There are over 275 locations nationwide, and currently, there are...

UBREAKIFIX Presents 7 of the Best Electronic Buys This Holiday Season

By Ashley Irwin Electronics are some of the most popular holiday gifts, and if you are shopping for the perfect new tech gift for a...

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