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Try a twist on traditional Thanksgiving turkey with Burgundy Braised Turkey Thighs.

Thanksgiving 101: Tips for a Safe, Enjoyable Holiday Season

Everyone's top priority should be to stay safe during this unique holiday season. That does not mean the season can't be fun and enjoyable,...
butterball turkey

9 Most Frequently Asked Questions at Butterball Hotline

Cooking a turkey for the Thanksgiving meal can be overwhelming. Butterball Turkey hotline has been assisting home chefs for over 30 years. If you need...

Rutherford County Fire & Rescue Offers Thanksgiving Safety Tips

With Thanksgiving being the nation’s peak day for home cooking fires, Rutherford County Fire & Rescue officials want to make sure the community prepares...

Tennessee Thanksgiving Turkeys Available

It’s time to talk turkey. With only a few weeks left until Thanksgiving, there’s no time to waste if you’re thinking about adding a...