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4 Ways to Keep the Pool Clear Without the Pump

4 Ways to Keep the Pool Clear Without the Pump

Pool maintenance has never been easier with the advancement of built-in technology like pumps and filters. And they’re great… until they’re not. Let’s face...
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COVID-19 or Not… Pool Season Is Here! Let’s Get You Ready

Peek Pools is open and serving customers while following the recommended disinfection and hygiene procedures. For more information, call (615) 866-8800. The coronavirus has rapidly...
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3 Common Pool Maintenance Jobs You Should Know

Consistent pool maintenance is just a part of pool ownership. There are different kinds of maintenance tasks you should be aware of so your...
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Why Peek Pools’ Maintenance Is A Step Above The Rest

When it comes to pool maintenance, the two aspects that most people think of first are clean water and balanced chemicals. While these aspects...