Students Compete in RCS Math Competition


Innovative solutions and creative art projects showcase student ingenuity


Winners of the recent Desmos Art Competition and In-Person Math Contest have been decided.

The math-centric competition was opened to all students, as well as teachers for the Art category. Students were judged on their ability to create art using an online graphic calculator program — known as Desmos — and by using math shapes and equations.

In the middle school division, Thomas Stoner (Siegel Middle School) was the 1st place winner. For Integrated Math 1 and Integrated Math 2, Eli Bauer (Central Magnet School) was the victor for his unique animation. All winners for the Desmos Art Competition can be viewed HERE.

During the In-Person Math Competition, school teams of three students were presented with a complex and rich math task and given 60 minutes to solve it. Monica White, teacher at Holloway High School, said this about the in-person math contest and effects the program has had on RCS students:

“About a third of our math students showed up to celebrate problem solving, collaborate in teams, and have fun! Our kids are enjoying math more, eager to come to class and are communicating better.”

Various awards were given, such as most elegant solution, best perseverance, most collaborative, most precise solution, best mathematical explanation, as well as others. Each school held its own competition and superlatives were awarded at each school.

You can learn more about the in-person competition HERE.