Storyville Gardens Theme Park to Open in Nashville


In a few years, Nashville will have its first theme park since the Opryland USA theme park closed in 1997.

Storyville Gardens, an imagination-driven, interactive theme park will open in the greater Nashville area. The projected open date is Spring 2025.

Storyville Gardens is a theme park that uses storytelling to engage and connect visitors with a sense of adventure, fantasy and fun. The park will have four specific areas – Africa, Asia, Europe and America, giving visitors a storybook tour of the world. You can watch a tour of the park in the video above.

As described on its site, Storyville Gardens is more than a theme park, it is “designed to ignite the desire to read beyond what is required in a classroom from toddlers to teens and adults alike.”

The site of the park is expected to be 100 + acres, according to Nashville Business Journal with roller coasters and other rides. The park will also include retail, dining and entertainment, plus three hotels with themes ranging from the majestic and enchanting to discovery and adventure.

A specific location has not been announced yet. Nashville Business Journal reports the development team leading the project – Guerrier Development- will select a site  somewhere in Greater Nashville by the end of the year.

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