Spring Renewal: Make it Personal


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As the temperatures warm and Mother Nature begins to breathe new life into the world around us, springtime naturally feels like the appropriate time to breathe new life into ourselves. To renew our mind, body and soul as we are motivated by our surrounding environment. Here are some effective ways you can bring yourself a personal renewal this spring.

Exercise – A fundamental one we bet you saw coming a mile away. Not only does exercise improve our physical bodies, but it also improves our mental and emotional wellbeing, even increasing our energy levels and alleviating depression & anxiety.

Eat Real Food – Another obvious one; however, the importance does not change. Eating clean food allows our bodies to obtain the vitamins and minerals they need to properly function. It not only benefits our physique but also the health of our organs (including our brain and heart), energy levels and assists in providing us with a stronger immune system.

Spend Time with Your Mother – Mother Nature that is. Spending some time outdoors has proven to relieve stress, strengthen immune systems, calm your mind and even restore your mental energy.

Pursue Your Passion – If you needed a sign, here it is. Pursuing our passions not only makes us happy but also gives us a sense of purpose which leads to increased confidence. Life is too short for you to not add value to the world by making your dreams a priority.

Prioritize Yourself – Maintaining a self-care routine is clinically proven to reduce anxiety and depression in addition to improving concentration, energy and happiness. Making yourself a priority allows you to bring the best version of yourself to your family, friends and work-life. Take time to connect with yourself doing the things that bring you joy and peace regularly.

Travel – Traveling affects all six types of self-care: emotional, practical, physical, mental, social and spiritual. With modern life as hectic as it is, we oftentimes miss the magic in life. Traveling provides us the opportunity to be submerged in new cultures, foods, social elements and experiences. Be sure to visit the Southern Airways website to book your newest self-care encounter.

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