Smyrna Gas Department

The Town of Smyrna will observe National Public Natural Gas Week, October 4 – 10. This annual, nationwide event is intended to build public awareness about the value of having a community-owned natural gas utility.

There are approximately 1,000 public natural gas systems serving more than 6 million customers in the United States. These public natural gas utilities are not-for-profit retail distribution entities that are owned by and accountable to the citizens they serve.

Smyrna Natural Gas is the local energy supplier for the Town of Smyrna and City of La Vergne, serving over 11,400 customers. As a local natural gas utility, they provide the following benefits:

· Local Control: Decisions are made locally, by people who understand local issues because they are part of this community.

· Competitive Costs: They operate as a not-for-profit entity, focusing on fair and competitive rates for our customers.

· Economic Benefits: They play a vital role in helping our community broaden its tax base, improving our local economy and increasing job opportunities. Public natural gas systems ensure that local dollars stay home.

· Customer Service: As a local not-for-profit entity, they live and work alongside the customers we serve. They work to maintain a close relationship with the community and are focused on meeting their needs.

“We look forward to continuing to bring safe, reliable natural gas into your homes and businesses,” shared Mike Strange, Utilities Director with the Town of Smyrna. “We invite you to join us in supporting natural gas as the premier energy source for our community. Natural gas can help us achieve energy security and build a more competitive economy.”

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of natural gas and how Smyrna Natural Gas works, please contact Bert Meece, Utilities Safety Coordinator, at 615-355-5740.