Slim & Husky’s Coming to Boro in Early Summer 2021


It’s time to celebrate if you’re a pizza lover! Slim and Husky’s Pizza Beeria is planning a location in Murfreesboro to open Summer 2021.

Slim and Husky’s was started by three North Nashville friends who met in high school. After graduating from Tennessee State University, they started a moving and transportation company, but their real love was making and eating pizza. Literally starting in a garage, their vision is to become a household name. They are well on their way. 

Clint Gray, Derrick Moore, and Emanuel Reed wanted to combine great food, music and social impact in way that would bring people together. They started by using a pizza giveaway to bring feuding neighborhoods together near their homes. 

According to an interview with Gray in the Memphis Flyer, they opened their first store in 2017, and have been opening one about every six months ever since. There are four in the Nashville area, two in Atlanta, and one in Sacramento, California. The most recent one opened in downtown Nashville at Fifth + Broadway, next to the new Museum of African American Music. It is the first black-owned business on Broadway. 

The pizzas are shaped like flat breads and were developed with the help of Chef Jason Williams, who has studied under some of the best chefs in Nashville until making a name for himself in the industry. He has since shared a kitchen with some of the best chefs nationally. 

With the determination of Gray, Moore, and Reed, and the food know-how of Williams, the guys have slowly been building their brand. They hope to open the Murfreesboro store in late Summer 2021 at a location on Medical Center Parkway. 

Most of their signature pizzas and cinnamon rolls are named after famous hip-hop groups, or make reference to hip-hop culture. For example, the Cee No Green Pizza, which is their version of the meat-lovers with ground beef, pepperoni, hickory smoked bacon, Canadian bacon, and Italian sausage. Or the Sticky Fingaz Cinnamon Roll, which has caramel sauce, bacon, 1856 Uncle Nearest Whisky glaze, and pecans.  

A build-your-own pizza option is available. It starts with picking one of five house-made sauces, including garlic shallot oil, classic red, spinach basil pesto, slammin’ white sauce, or spicy red sauce. Add a meat, like shrimp, smoked chicken, smoked salmon, plant based sausage or one of several others. Then for those who do like their veggies, there are standards like mushrooms and tomatoes, as well as others like roasted red peppers. They offer several cheese options, too. Including a vegetarian cheese. 

Salads are also available, and can be built from pizza toppings on a bed of mixed greens or fresh spinach. They make their own dressings: balsamic molasses, peach mustard or herbed ranch. 

They like to create a unique beer and wine list for each location, pulling selections from local craft brewers and vintners. 

Only a few years old, Slim and Husky’s has made a name for themselves on CBS News, Good Morning America, the Travel Channel, USA Today, Food and Wine, Essence, Forbes, and many other media outlets. Daily Meal has voted them #5 on their list of top 101 Pizzas in America. 

As in the beginning, they want to get involved in the communities where they have restaurants by bringing people together. They are also all about promoting both music and visual artists. Plans are to continue these efforts in Murfreesboro. 

Their Facebook page is already buzzing about the opening, which is sure to help them continue to grow their food empire. 

Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria

2222 Medical Center Parkway
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Opening Early Summer 2021

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