Shoplifters Arrested in Murfreesboro After Vandalizing Merchandise and Resisting Arrest

boro shoplifters oct 11

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – (October 11, 2022) Two shoplifters caused a disturbance inside the Old Fort Walmart, breaking bottles of wine and throwing packages of Halloween Cookies as loss prevention workers tried to detain them on Monday, Oct. 10. The shoplifters also approached Murfreesboro Police Department officers yelling, screaming, and resisting arrest.

As officers arrived to investigate, Toilynn Flakes, 18, continued knocking over and breaking bottles of wine and tossing cookies. They gave commands to stop, and she failed to do so. Officers then restrained the woman by using soft open-hand techniques, placing her on the floor to cuff her. Flakes is charged with resisting arrest, theft, vandalism, and simple assault.

A 17-year-old female also resisted arrest and was eventually taken into custody. The teen is charged with resisting arrest and theft.

The preliminary investigation reveals the females paid for grocery items. However, they are accused of concealing approximately $670.64 worth of clothing and other items before trying to leave the store without paying. That’s when they were confronted by Walmart Loss Prevention workers. Flakes assaulted one of the workers.

Flakes has been released on a $4,000 bond from the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center. A hearing has been set for Oct. 12 in Rutherford County General Sessions Court.

The 17-year-old was taken to the Rutherford County Juvenile Detention Center where she was released into the custody of her parents.

Both are trespassed from Walmart.

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