Sheriff’s Office Seeks Church Vandals


Burglars caused more than $5,000 damage to a country church by smashing plates, shattering glass and punching holes in doors, a Rutherford County Sheriff’s detective said Thursday.

The extensive damage was found at Dunaway’s Chapel United Methodist Church on Holly Grove Road in Lascassas, said Detective Tony Grissom. All the doors, plates and display cabinets were destroyed. The damage was done between Sunday services and Thursday morning.

“They went from one end to another, basically just damaging things the whole time,” Grissom said. “They definitely spent some time in there.”

People who can give a good description of a vehicle or people at the church this week or people who know who committed the burglary are asked to call Grissom at 615-904-3055.

The burglars threw 50- to 60-year-old plates, shattering the dinnerware in the kitchen area, the detective said. They used large rocks to break glass, turned over tables and used a broom to poke holes in the doors. They destroyed display cabinets.

Literature and paper were set on fire in a grill. Nothing was reported missing.

The church congregation is made up of dedicated, long-time members.

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