life savers rutherford county

 Five Rutherford County Sheriff’s deputies were honored as Life Savers during a ceremony Tuesday at the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies recognized were Patrol Sgt. James Davis, Patrol Deputy Stephen Massey, Warrants Deputy Michael Moody and School Resource Officers Larry McMahan and Casey McClure.

Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh congratulated all five deputies and presented them with Life Savers medals.

“There are actions and reactions,” Fitzhugh said. “We are proud our deputies reacted and saved these lives.”

Deputy Chief Egon Grissom said Davis and Massey were inside the Speedway station on New Salem Highway Sept. 30 when a witness notified them a vehicle traveled off the bridge at Interstate 24.

They responded to the scene where they found the car struck a pole and the driver’s foot was still on the gas with the engine revved up.

The cab of the vehicle was completely filled with smoke and there were flames starting to come from under the car and hood. Massey found the driver slumped across the console and partially lying in the passenger’s seat.

Massey grabbed the victim by his shirt and attempted to pull him from the vehicle but his shirt slid off of him.

“Deputy Massey successfully removed the victim while Deputy Davis utilized his fire extinguisher in an attempt to keep the flames at bay and checking to make sure there were no other victims in the vehicle,” Grissom said.

“Deputy Massey and Sgt. Davis dragged the victim away from the vehicle, which was becoming increasingly hot, and by the time they dragged the victim out of harm’s way, it was completely engulfed in flames,” Grissom said.

The driver was flown by LifeFlight helicopter to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville and survived.

            “Due to Deputy Massey’s and Sgt. Davis’ quick and selfless actions, Mr. Robin Edge survived the accident,” Grissom said.

Moody was honored for saving a man whose car crashed Nov. 8 on Interstate 24.

            The deputy was traveling on I-24 when he heard the call about the driver. He observed the vehicle stopped and pinned against the guard rail. The driver appeared have a medical issue and was not responsive.

            “Deputy Moody had to smash the window utilizing his ASP in order to get to the driver,” Grissom said. “While doing so, the vehicle caught on fire but Deputy Moody was able to remove the driver and pull him away from the scene and get him medical attention.”

“It was Deputy Moody’s quick and selfless actions that allowed that individual to survive his ordeal,” Grissom said.

School Resource Officers Larry McMahan and Casey McClure learned about a 16-year-old suicidal student was missing from high school Nov. 1.

            While SRO Mark Meshotto gathered information about the student, McMahan left the school to search for him. Meshotto found out the student lived in an apartment complex where SRO Casey McClure serves as the courtesy officer. They went to the door but the student did not answer.

            “While at the door, they heard a loud crash, therefore, they made entry and found the student lying on the floor,” Grissom said.

The student had taken several pills and drank several ounces of alcohol. They were able to get the student medical attention and the student survived.

            “Had it not been for Deputy McMahan’s diligence along with Deputy McClure’s assistance, that student would probably not be alive today,” Grissom said.

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