Scene Around Town: Wet Move In For Many MTSU Students


It rained so hard that:  ducks were carrying umbrellas..even cats and dogs were impressed..Freshmen were seen wearing swim trunks because they thought the pool was open…but seriously, it rained hard for a long time. But, for 100s of incoming freshmen , and their parents, there was no choice but to grin and bear it.

And it wasn’t just the students,both old and new, who were getting drenched. 100s of volunteers were there with them. Smiles, though a bit wet, abounded as everyone pitched in to help out . There was a little whining, like in this conversation overheard at Corlew Hall:

Obvious first time MTSU Student: “Why did it have to rain today?”

Veteran Student Volunteer: ” Oh, it’s going to rain for the next month at least. Pretty much anytime during the day this can break out. Usually , on your way to or from the farthest class. Get used to it. Make your umbrella your friend.”

Here’s some pics from the day: