Saturday Farmer’s Market On The Square


I finally got a chance to hit the Saturday Farmer’s Market On the Square in Historic Downtown Murfreesboro. I was immediately greeted by the sounds of a talented duo playing atop the balcony at Shacklett’s Photography.

Excitement grew as I saw the many vendor tents and wares. Farm fresh veggies, grass fed meets, fresh eggs, and sweets abounded. I found my way to each vendor, looking for those great deals I knew were out there of these farm fresh items.

I found a wonderful watermelon salsa from Double Star Bar Fams in Auburntown. From there I stopped and grabbed my weakness: hot dogs. I am a baseball fan and I love me a good dog. Popped over to the Batey Farms , located here in Murfreesboro and loaded up on pork chops and Andouille sausage ( Sausage, red beans and rice are slow cooking in the crock pot as I write). Found a nice oil to ease my sore joints at another vendor across the way. Fresh hydroponic sweet butter leaf lettuce. It sits in my fridge in a cup of water and I just pull the leaves for sandwiches or wraps as needed! Fresh garlic and onions for the beans and I was covered in sweat and happiness.

But, then I saw it. The thing that I needed the most: Fresh Oatmeal Creme Cookies. This wasn’t Little Debbie. this was a fresh made wonder of creamy oatmeal sweetness about 2.5 inches high. My happiness reached it’s peak as I also purchased a fresh baked round loaf of Sourdough bread.

Despite the heat, I enjoyed the trip. Prices were quite reasonable and everyone seemed happy for the business. The Saturday Farmer’s Market happens every Saturday thru October on the square around the courthouse in Downtown Murfreesboro. Hours are 8:00 a.m. until noon.


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