The Salt Barn Holds Ribbon Cutting


Almost a year after opening, The Salt Barn, in Smyrna, recently celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

After construction was completed, The Salt Barn opened for business on July 23, 2018 in Smyrna, TN off of Cedar Grove Rd near Stonecrest Hospital. They’re a holistic wellness center that specializes in salt therapy. Their facility is centered around 4 key salt-centered experiences including their Himalayan salt cave, infrared sauna, float tank, and detox foot baths. They also have a small retail area stocked with a range of Himalayan salt lamps, salt scrubs, soaps, bath bombs, Himalayan salt jewelry and much more.

The salt cave is a unique experience where you sit in a zero gravity chair, listen to soothing music, and can breathe in a mineral-rich environment due to the more than 5 tons of imported therapeutic Himalayan salt. Known for helping with a range of illnesses and conditions such as allergies, respiratory function, boosting the immune system, the cave is the perfect place to relax and potentially gain some health benefits in the process.

The relaxation and health benefits continue with their float tank. Also known as a sensory deprivation tank, it has long been used to aid in sports medicine and general health medicine. The tank uses a high salt ratio in order to fully support your body so that you spend no energy to maintain floating in the water. Some potential benefits include increased athletic performance, reduced pain and stress, faster recovery from injury or illness, normalization of sleep patterns, and a host of other benefits.

The infrared sauna uses a combination of all 3 infrared wavelengths, each with their own benefits, to create a unique, heated sauna experience. It’s a moment for relaxation, but is also known to help with pain relief, detoxification, alleviating symptoms of autoimmune conditions, immune boosting, cell health, and faster healing.

The Salt Barn
10579 Cedar Grove Road, Suite 150, Smyrna

Below are photos of the ribbon cutting ceremony

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