Rutherford County Schools

Middle and high school students from several Rutherford County Schools performed in dominating fashion at the recent Regional Mathematics Contest held at Middle Tennessee State University.

More than half of the Top 20 in five of six high school level competitions – geometry, algebra II, statistics, precalculus and calculus – were Rutherford County students, while Thurman Francis Arts Academy claimed the eighth-grade team title at the middle level of competition.

The event was sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education.



5. Parker Dawes; Blackman HS

8. Dylan Winegar; Blackman HS

11. Christian Lewis; Blackman HS

12. Kolin Meeks; Riverdale HS

13. Arianna Olivares; Stewarts Creek HS

15. Jack Barbieri; Central

17. Frank White; Siegel HS


1. Hongyang Du; Oakland HS

2. Jacob Fries; Oakland HS

3. Emily Bruce; Siegel HS

6. Morgan Stephens; Blackman HS

7. Beau Ereebout; Central Magnet

8. Matthew Adams; Stewarts Creek HS

9. Xixi Chen; Blackman HS

10. Benjamin Chen; Central Magnet

10. Adin Heathcott; Stewarts Creek HS

13. Cara Hallquist; Central Magnet

14. Isabel Houck; Siegel HS

14. Brianna King; Oakland HS

16. Rachel Wikander; Stewarts Creek HS

17. Bereket Tsillassie; Stewarts Creek HS

18. Lauren Champman; Oakland HS

18. Hunter Hendricks; Oakland HS

18. Peter Keating; Oakland HS


1. Ashleigh Clark; Central Magnet

3. Samuel Chappin; Central Magnet

5. Caroline Taylor; Oakland HS

9. Hope Clark; Central Magnet

9. Rachel Lin; Riverdale HS

11. Noah Gregory; Oakland HS

12. Ryan Beutler; Riverdale HS

13. Douglas Thibodeaux; Central Magnet

14. Hunter Heartquist; Blackman HS

15. Allison Dehart; Blackman HS

16. Kiana Hayes; Central Magnet

17. Ellie-Kate Burton; Central Magnet

19. Rebecca May; Blackman HS


2. Whitman Czajkowski; Siegel HS

3. Thomas Hurst; Siegel HS

4. Jacob Klassen; Central Magnet

6. Mark Cella; Siegel HS

7. Yeongseo Son; Central Magnet

10. James Evans; Oakland HS

10. Cooper Wylie; Oakland HS

12. John Kelley; Central Magnet

13. Wyatt Groves; Riverdale HS

14. Keagan Hemsley; Blackman HS

15. Gibson Young; Oakland HS

16. Wyatt Martin; Siegel HS

17. Natalie Wilson; Oakland HS

18. Samuel Smith; Oakland HS

19. Derek Reeves; Central Magnet

20. Millie Jones; Siegel HS


3. Michael Sowell; Central Magnet

4. Gabriel Carver; Central Magnet

5. Lizbeth Lozano; Central Magnet

6. Donghyun Kim; Siegel HS

8. Callum Bagnall; Blackman HS

8. Rheannon Hart; Oakland HS

10. Hannah Summey; Oakland HS

11. Kate Blankenship; Blackman HS

16. Kendall Sprague; Central Magnet

19. Caleb Keith; Blackman HS

19. Dax Timmons; Oakland HS


1. Robert Deaton; Central Magnet

2. Clayton Ferguson; Central Magnet

5. Jack Zhao; Central Magnet

7. Alice Byrnes; Central Magnet

8. Aliyah Weaver; Central Magnet

10. Nathan Zou; Central Magnet

11. Rachel Qualls; Central Magnet

12. Harper Kates; Oakland HS

13. Aiden Brown; Central Magnet

13. Faith Viers; Central Magnet

16. Morgan Cramer; Central Magnet

17. Sydney Miller; Oakland HS

20. Janelle Valdez; Central Magnet


4. Ella Beth Clark; Thurman Francis

6. Rylee Davis; Thurman Francis

12. William Severn; Siegel Middle

13. Siri Reynolds; Thurman Francis

18. Noah Williams; Oakland Middle

20. Trevor Hall; Thurman Francis

20. Luke Martin; Oakland Middle


14. Annabella Colon; Thurman Francis


12. Grant Dillard; Siegel Middle

15. Samuel Frank; Thurman Francis

17. Baylee Davis; Thurman Francis