Rutherford County Schools Cooperating with TSSAA Investigation into Smyrna Basketball Game Allegations



There have been news reports that at a November 17, 2021, high school girls’ basketball game, a game official allegedly directed a racial epithet toward a player. Relatives of the player and the head of the player’s school have commented publicly about the matter.

TSSAA condemns racism in all forms. Racial epithets have no place in our society, especially not in high school sports. But a rush to judgment, based solely on second-hand reports and stories in media outlets, would be unfair to everyone involved and would be inconsistent with fundamental notions of due process. TSSAA is thoroughly investigating the matter before drawing conclusions or taking action. Until we conclude that investigation, we do not believe it would be fair to any of the people involved for us to offer any further comment.


Original Story from Rutherford County Schools:

Rutherford County Schools is fully cooperating with the TSSAA’s investigation into an allegation that a racial slur was used toward a player on the visiting team during a basketball game.

The girls basketball game occurred the evening of Nov. 17 at Smyrna High School versus Nashville STEM Preparatory Academy.

The visiting school forfeited the game after making an allegation that a referee made the racial slur. Nashville STEM issued a letter this morning asking for TSSAA to investigate the allegation against the referee, who is an employee of TSSAA.

At no time has Rutherford County Schools been advised that a Smyrna player was accused of making a racial slur. However, the school district is fully cooperating with TSSAA’s investigation and is providing any resources necessary to ensure a thorough investigation. This includes video footage from the game and statements from those who were present.

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