Rutherford County CBD Business Raids In Question By The TNHIA

A email was issued from the President of the Tennessee Hemp Industries Assocation:

“Unless the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department and the Murfreesboro, Smyrna, and LaVergne municipal law enforcement investigators can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the CBD products were derived from a “marijuana” source rather than an “industrial hemp” source, they are in clear contravention of the law allowing the growth, processing, blending, and marketing of such products, and the victims of this action should be entitled to petition for any economic and/or punitive damages applicable under the law.


Further, the Rutherford County District Attorney may be subject to action before the Board of Professional Responsibility for possibly providing inaccurate or incomplete information to the order issuing Judge and the Grand Jury if the affected parties are so inclined. Further, the District Attorney’s action, again, if it cannot be proved that this CBD was derived from “marijuana,” may have jeopardized all of the District’s applicable federal matching funds because the 2016 continuing budget resolution issued by Congress (attached) which forbids any federal funds from being used in contravention of Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, which is the law authorizing the USDA industrial hemp pilot program. I have also attached a letter from Senate Leader Mitch McConnell clarifying congressional intent in this regard.

The TNHIA wants all products in Tennessee to be compliant and provide accurate sourcing data which would be easily achieved by a QR code on the labeling which would describe the source of the genetics, the farm and any third party certificates of analysis that exist as a result of batch testing. The TNHIA further does not support the introduction of any products into Tennessee in violation of the law that could in any way be construed to be defined as “marijuana.” The definition of “industrial hemp” is a clear exception to the definition of marijuana under both state law and the 2014 Farm Bill, which created the industrial hemp pilot program. The TNHIA does not take a position on marijuana legislation, only on hemp legislation. If the products in question are “industrial hemp” derived, the TNHIA takes grave exception to the actions of Rutherford County law enforcement.
The law is very clear that any ingestible or topical “industrial hemp” derived products are legal as long as the product contains less than 0.3% THC. It is not clear from the labeling whether the product contains CBD isolate or full spectrum extract, but both are legal under Tennessee law. I have attached Public Chapter 369 of 2017 which passed both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly unanimously and was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam and became effective on May 11, 2017.” – Joe Kirkpatrick


  1. So glad someone noticed the possible infraction. Ignorance can destroy and is only remedied by educating yourself in the topic. Law enforcement should do a little research before jumping to conclusions. I hope these shop owners valued their customers enough to have the legal Hemp CBD in their establishments. They should also not be selling to anyone under 18. That is the Law….
    CBD is excellent for stress….maybe officials involved would consider trying some

  2. Rutherford county is god awful place. Anyone who lives there can’t wait to get out. County officials will trap you any way they can.

  3. Rutherford county law enforcement have always been nothing but corrupt idiots. Doesn’t surprise me one bit.

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