Road Rage Leads to Fatal Shooting on State Route 45 at Vista Dr.


From Metro Police Department February 27, 2023

No charges have been placed in Sunday afternoon’s road rage-related fatal shooting of Alden R. Jones, 71, on State Route 45 at Rio Vista Drive.

The investigation thus far is indicative of self-defense.

The man who shot Jones, Ricky L. Frizzell Jr., 36, of Hermitage, remained on the shooting scene and has been fully cooperative with detectives.

The investigation to this point shows that Jones was driving aggressively through Hermitage and Old Hickory by speeding and cutting off other drivers. When Jones came to a stop at the traffic light at State Route 45 and Rio Vista Drive, he got out of his vehicle, approached the vehicle directly behind him, and began banging on the driver’s side window with a pistol. Frizzell was behind the vehicle Jones was banging on. He attempted to verbally intervene. Jones, with pistol in hand, then began approaching Frizzell’s vehicle. Frizzell, who had gotten out, yelled for Jones to stop, not come any closer, and warned him that he also had a gun. Jones continued to approach and was at a very close distance when Frizzell fired, saying he did so in defense of himself and his wife, who was a passenger in their vehicle.

Frizzell and his wife were fully cooperative with detectives, and the events as described by them were corroborated by witnesses.

This investigation is continuing and will be staffed with the District Attorney’s Office at the conclusion.