Savion Davis Huge for Riverdale in First-Round Playoff Game


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Riverdale’s Savion Davis scored (three) touchdowns, helping the Warriors to a road upset of previously-unbeaten Mt. Juliet by a 20-14 score on Friday.

Davis, who ran for over 175 yards in the first half alone, was an unstoppable force for the Warriors (9-2). He finished with 26 carries for 246 yards.

Riverdale will travel to Cookeville, which beat Rossview 21-13, next Friday. Riverdale beat Cookeville 30-28 in the regular season on Sept. 29.

Davis scooted 17 yards on a fourth-and-2 run with 9:14 to play, Caleb Moore’s point-after giving Riverdale a 20-7 advantage.

Mt. Juliet’s Cody Glass countered with a 2-yard scoring run with 5:06 to play, the extra point bringing the Bears to within six.

But that’s as close at Mt. Juliet got, with the Warriors snuffing out the Bears’ last drive at the Riverdale 40 with 1:30 to play

After holding Mt. Juliet on its first drive, Riverdale’s Davis took a handoff, went through a big hole over center and outran the Bears’ defense down the left side with 9:32 left in the first quarter. Moore’s point-after gave the Warriors a 7-0 advantage.

Davis’s 31-yard scoring run not six minutes later was just as spectacular, as the senior again found a hole up the middle and rumbled through and around the Mt. Juliet defense to the end zone. This time, Moore’s point-after was blocked.

Mt. Juliet finally to on the board with 42 seconds left before half, with Aidan Raines dashing to his right and finding the end zone on a 2-yard scoring run. The point-after cut the Riverdale lead to six.

Riverdale lost a three-way tiebreaker for second to get the short end of the stick and face the Bears on the road. The Warriors also played without starting quarterback Christian Souffront and star defensive lineman D’Andre Litaker, who suffered season-ending injuries earlier in the year.

But it didn’t matter, as Riverdale never trailed.

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