Rejuvenating Your Skin After the Summer Season


During the summer months, our skin is exposed to some harsh elements: sun, high humidity and sweat just to name a few. These things can cause sun damage, breakouts and clogged pores which can really take a toll on one’s skin. As we transition into the fall season, we need to rejuvenate our skin from the rough components of summer and prepare it for the cooler weather that’s to come. We asked expert aesthetician Loretta from A Moments Peace Salon and Day Spa in Franklin, what she would advise when it comes to preparing our skin for the fall. These are the top 4 services she recommends:

Regeneration Facial

The Regeneration Facial is an anti-aging signature facial that provides two masks and deeply exfoliates your skin. The benefits to this are rebuilding collagen, softening fine lines through hydration and priming your skin for the additional hydration it will need during the cooler months.


Microdermabrasion is a skin resurfacing method that addresses an array of skin concerns. The summer months often leave our skin polluted and clogged with unwanted elements. During this procedure, your skin will be deeply exfoliated as your skin’s outermost layer is removed. The benefits of this include removing most acne and minor scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damaged, rough or blotchy skin, blemishes and age spots. The results being a more even skin tone that provides a bright and healthy complexion.


Dermaplaning is a safe and effective way to exfoliate your skin so it can recover from the harsh summer atmosphere. During this non-invasive procedure, a sterile surgical scalpel is used to remove dead skin cells. The scalpel is held at a 45-degree angle as one of our professional aestheticians moves it along your face in a technique that is similar to shaving. In addition to removing a polluted layer of skin, the benefits of Dermaplaning are removing unwanted facial hair (which can trap bacteria on the surface of your skin), smoother skin, decreasing the appearance of sun damage and acne scars, diminishing fine lines, reducing the visibility of pores and overall, a more radiant complexion. Dermaplaning provides instant results with no downtime.


Hydrafacials are an excellent way to freshen up our skin as we come out of summer. This treatment cleanses, exfoliates, peels and extracts impurities. You have the option to add additional services that address specific concerns. This service pairs with dermaplaning perfectly.

These are just three of the services A Moment’s Peace offers to help you prepare your skin for the cooler temperatures that fall brings. If you would like to be informed of additional services or have a free skin analysis consultation where one of their expert aestheticians will analyze your skin and provide a customized service plan for your skin goals, call (615) 224-0770 or visit to book your appointment.

A Moments Peace is located at 9050 Carothers Pkwy Ste 108, Franklin, TN 37067.

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