Red Bicycle

Jason Day is a recent transplant from California who has come to Murfreesboro to create a more meaningful life. His vision is to make the newest Red Bicycle location, set to open in mid to late November at 1733 St Andrews in Murfreesboro, the kind of place that he’d want to go to. His goal is to create a fun, energetic atmosphere where families and friends in the neighborhood can meet up to have a good time, a great meal, and leave a little happier than then when they walked in.

Red Bicycle is a Nashville hot spot that began in Germantown and has recently expanded to Nolensville and the Nations. Famous for its yummy crepes, breakfast tacos, sandwiches, and, of course, gourmet coffee, it was started by David Trett. Trett acquired a coffee shop in North Carolina with the Red Bicycle name, then changed just about everything about it. After closing the original location, he reopened in Nashville. The rest is, as they say, history.

Day met Trett through a mutual friend; the two have since formed a partnership in the development of the new store. “As we looked at locations that were quickly growing,” said Day, “Murfreesboro was the ideal spot. This [venture] allows me the best of both worlds … I [will] be able to simultaneously open my own business … while also helping my friend expand the brand he’s worked so hard to get established in the Nashville area. So, I went back to California and essentially did a life 180. I left a very lucrative job…, bought a house … in Murfreesboro, and moved out here this past March to pursue this venture and build this shop.”

The menu will include everyone’s favorite items from the Nashville restaurants, including the ever-popular strawberry-Nutella crepes, cinnamon roll crepes, and Funky Monkey crepes bursting with bananas and peanut butter drizzle in a walnut crepe. Red Bicycle Murfreesboro will stay true to all the things people love about the original — the amazing crepes and gourmet coffee — as well as their breakfast burritos, and French toast. There will also be weekly specials to introduce new items.

“We’ll also feature plenty of Gluten free options, including all of our crepes,” said Day. “I [also] want to keep the menu always evolving, allowing our staff to get creative with continuous new options for our customers.”

Day is developing an App for the Murfreesboro location that will allow customers to purchase their order online and pick up without the long line, similar to the Starbuck’s App. “It’s important that we offer our customers that same level of convenience they get from Starbucks, … and equal, if not better, coffee than they can get at the big chains.”

Red Bicycle Murfreesboro will be located in the new shopping center on St. Andrews, immersed in a sea of residential neighborhoods. Day lives right down the street from the store, so his customers aren’t just going to be potential customers, but also his neighbors. So, he wants to make it a special place.

“That’s why I left my career in California,” said Day. “And that’s why I moved here. To build something that makes people happy. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Red Bicycle
1733 St. Andrews, Murfreesboro


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