Lumpectomies, sometimes also called breast-conserving surgeries (BCS) are intended to remove a cancerous mass from breast tissue while saving as much natural breast tissue as safely possible. Lumpectomies usually have a shorter recovery time than a total mastectomy, as well as preserving sensation. (Your doctor will recommend the appropriate surgery for your specific case.) After the surgery, after the radiation, after the swelling is gone… you may feel uncomfortable with the imbalance or unevenness in the shape or size of your affected breast.

If you didn’t have a mastectomy, are there garment solutions to help you regain your silhouette? Absolutely yes! While many people know about mastectomy garments, Pretty in Pink Boutique proudly also carries and can properly fit you for lumpectomy solutions.

What Is a Shaper?

A bra shaper, also known as a breast insert or partial breast prosthesis, can restore balance and symmetry to your silhouette. These are not full prostheses, but rather partial inserts to fill in, cover and conceal where tissue was taken out. Available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and shapes, they help clothing lay evenly and balanced, just like your pre-surgery body.

The inserts can either fit into a bra or be attached to your skin with adhesive.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Your confidence and comfort in your body is important. You matter. Feeling lovely in your skin, in your shape, in your clothing, matters. This is not a vanity or something to be dismissed. This speaks to how you present yourself to the world, how you feel about yourself. So, yes, it is worth the time and energy to be properly fit by a caring and compassionate, certified fitter. And in many cases, shapers, inserts and prostheses, even for lumpectomies, are covered by insurance.

The insurance coverage expert at Pretty in Pink Boutique can even help you find out if your specific plan covers it.

How Do I Find the Right Size / Shape?

The journey of breast cancer, surgery and other treatments is such a daunting one. You do not have to do it alone. Instead of guessing or hoping, contact Pretty in Pink Boutique to schedule a private appointment with one of our professional compassionate fitters. The expert will help you find the right product to meet your needs, lifestyle and shape. She will listen and provide you an unparalleled level of support, helping you feel comfortable during the appointment and beautiful as you move forward beyond cancer with grace and dignity.

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