RCS School Admins and Teachers Help Spruce Up Schools


Rutherford County Schools

The entrance to Blackman Middle School bothered Dr. Amy Connifey-Marlin.

As the new principal for the school, she felt the exterior walls and sidewalks weren’t as inviting or tidy as they should be, especially considering the school — which first opened in 2002 — is a relatively modern building.

“It was dirty and it was the first impression that people saw when they entered the building,” Connifey-Marlin said.

So over the summer, the principal and her assistant principals decided they would roll-up their sleeves, roll out the garden hoses, and do something about it.

Connifey-Marlin and new Assistant Principal Jessica Jackson hauled out the ladders and used exterior cleaner to hose off the outside of the entrance, while Assistant Principal Seth Burt took a pressure-washer to the sidewalks and concrete.

“You just do what needs to be done,” said Connifey-Marlin, explaining why she didn’t simply turn in a maintenance request. “It was important to me because I want students and parents to come back, see a change and have pride.”

The administration team at Blackman Middle isn’t the only crew that spent part of the summer break sprucing up their schools to prepare for students and the new school year.

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