RCS COVID19 Update: Remote Learning & Graduation


James Evans with Rutherford County Schools gives an update on the current coronavirus COVID-9 situation:

This is James Evans with Rutherford County Schools. We have a number of updates for you in response to questions we have received.

First, as a reminder, our schools will continue the COVID-19 shutdown through Friday, April 24, following the recommendation of Gov. Bill Lee.

However, we will be offering a remote instruction plan that will begin the week after spring break. We are finalizing those details and will send parents more information later this week. While this is an optional program, it will provide daily assignments and activities to help keep students engaged. We will be offering the program online but we also have a plan in place for students who need to check out a device or need to receive paper copies. Again, details about the program will be released to parents later this week and the program will begin the week after spring break.

As for our free food program, it will continue through the shutdown except for the week of spring break. However, a number of community organizations will be providing free food during the week of spring break. That information is available on our website at www.rcschools.net/covid19/.

We’ve also been asked about prom, and the high schools will be announcing their plans for rescheduling. As for graduation, we have spoken with MTSU today and graduation is still on the schedule for the Murphy Center. We will continue monitoring the COVID-19 situation as we head into May and we will let parents know if those events can move forward.

We are maintaining a list of Frequently Asked Questions on our website, which you can check at any time.

Thanks for all you are doing and we hope you have a good evening with your family.

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