Public Safety Agencies Respond to Overturned Tractor Trailer on Swamp Leanna Road


Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department, Murfreesboro Police Department, Rutherford County Fire Rescue Department, Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services, and Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency responded to an overturned tractor trailer at the 1500 block of Swamp Leanna Road shortly after 8:30 Wednesday morning.

The driver of the truck was unharmed, but the truck’s fuel tank began to leak diesel into a nearby stream. Battalion Chief Brian Lowe estimates that around 60 gallons of diesel fuel was released. However, he notes that a dam just 300 feet away from the site of the spill assisted crews with containment.

Evergreen AES cleanup service was called to mitigate the spill. EA Towing returned the truck to an upright position and removed it, and Murfreesboro’s Street Department is currently on scene making repairs. Lowe says this could cause continued closure of the road or at least limited access for a few hours.

Lowe praised the efforts of all agencies involved and said, “We truly appreciate all of the responding agencies for assistance with this incident, and are grateful to be able to work as a team for the benefit of the community.”