How to Properly Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree

By Ashley Irwin

If you have an artificial Christmas tree, then you understand the hassle of putting it up and taking it down every year. It can be difficult to remove and store and if you don’t know how to store your artificial tree, you may end up needing to purchase a new tree often. However, if you know how to properly store your artificial tree, it can last over 10 years.

“A high-quality artificial tree is an investment. You get what pay for so if you want a nice one you will have to pay several hundred dollars depending on the size,” says Darrin Buswell, manager at True Value Garden Center in Franklin.

Buswell stresses that when you put your tree away for the year, stuffing the tree in a box is the worst thing you can do. “This is the most common mistake people make. Once you open the tree and shape it, it will not easily fit back in the box,” he says. The branches of the tree can be damaged if it is crammed into a box, and any lights that you leave on the tree are likely to get damaged as well.

Buswell says that the best way to store an artificial Christmas tree is to keep it upright and store it in a spare room or closet. You should also cover the tree to protect it from any damage. “You can cover it with plastic or an old sheet to keep it from getting dusty. Plastic disposal bags for cut Christmas trees work well. They are affordable and large enough to cover a big tree, ”Buswell advises.

You can also simply cover the tree with a canvas storage bag to prevent any damage. The environment that you store the tree in is also important. You do not want the room to be too hot or too cold, so Buswell warns against storing an artificial tree in an attic or garage.

Buswell also says,” At the end of the season as you are preparing to store your tree, check for any burnt out bulbs. Now is the time to replace them!” If you continue to use a tree with lights that are burnt out or damaged, the lights may end up damaging the branches of the tree, causing you to have to purchase more branches of even a brand new tree.

Artificial Christmas trees are a great investment if you have pets or any allergies, and they can be just as festive and charming as a real tree. A good quality artificial tree can be expensive, but if you take care of it and store it properly, you can enjoy the tree for 10 years or more.