Predictions for 2019’s Hottest Purchases


After surveying 1,000 consumers on their New Year’s resolutions, released their predictions for 2019’s hottest purchases.

Given consumers’ resolutions, here’s what they think consumers will be buying this year:

Fitness-trackers and smart watches: The smart wearables market has taken over the fitness game, with watches and simpler wearables that can track your heartbeat, count your steps, count calories burned and do much, much more. It’s now easier than ever to stay motivated and celebrate your progress. Fitbit, Apple, Samsung and more are all major players. From the budget-friendly Fitbit Flex 2 to the new Apple Watch 4, consumers have plenty of options, no matter their budgets and desired specs.

Fitness apparel: If you’re new to working out, you may require a new wardrobe. Workout clothing is about more than looking good on the treadmill or the trails — it’s about feeling comfortable and protecting your body. expects consumers to shop avidly for leggings, running shoes and sweat-wicking clothing of all types in 2019. Patagonia, Under Armour and Lululemon provide high-performance and high-end options, while Old Navy and Target offer plenty of budget-friendly options for those seeking a just-signed-up-for-a-gym starter outfit.

Experiences and travel: Due to the 6-percentage-point uptick their survey saw in travel as a resolution, they expect to see plenty of experiential purchases in 2019. And, given the uptick in those wanting to save money, they also suspect that many of these purchases will trend toward the budget-friendly end of the spectrum. That’s sure to mean lots of bookings via Groupon, Hotwire, Airbnb, Viator and other sites known for deep discounts.

Streaming subscriptions: With consumers out to save more money in 2019, they expect more cord-cutting and nights in. And that could mean more subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and similar, as well as more rentals via Amazon Prime Video.

At-home cooking equipment: Cooking at home falls exactly at the intersection of “saving money” and “getting healthier.” So they expect the already insanely popular Instant Pot to become even more popular. If the price is a bit steep for you, know that retailers (Amazon and Walmart especially) offer frequent deals that bring the popular six-quart size to below $60.