Popular Bethlehem Marketplace This Weekend


Marketplace is a walk-through drama re-enacting how the village of Bethlehem might have appeared the morning after the birth of Jesus. Its atmosphere and surroundings are those of 2000 years ago. It features characters in historically-accurate costumes such as Roman soldiers, prisoners, tent makers, weavers, merchants in shops, census-takers, and more. Live camels and other animals lend authenticity to the re-enactment, and twenty-first century items do not appear.

Attendance has averaged about 6,000 in recent years with visitors from Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia, North Carolina, and throughout Tennessee. Many people who trod the sawdust-lined streets of the village are repeat visitors.

The drama is put on entirely by approximately 150 church members. There is no admission, no donation accepted, and nothing actually is for sale. No reservations are required. Tour time averages about one hour, even at times of peak crowds