Police Seek Identity Of Suspects In Islamic Center Of Murfreesboro Security Footage


From Sgt. Dan Goodwin of the Murfreesboro Police Department

” Our IT staff made enhanced version zoomed in on the doors only that shows the criminals more clearly.

In it you can see there’s a shorter, very muscular man wearing a spray painting respirator and some sort of tight hood. He’s wearing what appears to be a tight short-sleeved jumpsuit with a patch on the right shoulder. He has dark athletic shoes with reflective tape on the sides.

The second man is much taller and very husky. He’s wearing a werewolf or other hairy Hallowe’en mask. He has on a T-shirt, long shorts and boots. The T-shirt has a white graphic on right “angel wing” area of the back that looks like it might be a giraffe.

This second man has distinctive lower legs that are huge.

We’re hoping someone may recognize these men from local fitness, MMA or traditional martial arts businesses or gyms. ”