Police Report : Murfreesboro Man Emails Bomb Threats To White House


Description Of Offense : Threats

On 6/27/17 Officer A received a call for service at [ADDRESS OMITTED] Murfreesboro, TN about a threat made to the White House. Special Agent [NAME OMITTED] called in asking the Murfreesboro Police Department to perform a welfare check on Subject A.

Subject A emailed the White House asking financial help and to help him get his girlfriend back from [LOCATION OMITTED]. Subject A also mentioned that he would blow up Washington D.C. because he was a veteran and no one took care of him.

Officer A made contact with Subject A and asked if he sent that email. Subject A stated the he did send that email but only to get some help. After further questioning Subject A was asked if he had any thoughts of harming himself.

Subject A stated that he did have thoughts of harming himself. EMS was notified and Subject A was transported to Saint Thomas Rutherford.

Names and personal information have been omitted to protect the privacy of our local officers and subjects mentioned in this police report.

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