Police Report : Dine & Dash At Local Restaurant


Description Of Offense : Theft Under $1000

On 7/19/2017 at 1748 hours , Officer A responded to a theft of services at 138 Chaffin Place (Cracker Barrel).

Upon arrival the officer spoke to the Associate Manager. The manager stated that a white male and three white females were dining inside the restaurant. When they had finished, the females went outside and the male went to the restroom.

When he exited the restroom the manager approached him and advised that he needed to pay his bill. He stated that the females had his wallet and he needed to go outside to retrieve it.

The manager followed him outside and he acted as if he didn’t know where they had gone. After a brief moment, a silver Ford Mustang pulled up on the north side of the restaurant. He ran and got into the vehicle and it sped off. The manager was able to obtain the vehicle’s tag number : [ TAG # OMITTED ].

The manager stated that the male was covered in tattoos all the way up to his neck and the females looked ” rough ” as if they were drug users. She believed that they stayed in the motels on Chaffin Place. She stated that this is not the first time they had done this. Their bill totaled $61.95.

Officer A drove through to the motels but was unable to locate the suspects. There are no further suspects or witnesses.


Names and personal information have been omitted to protect the privacy of our local officers and subjects mentioned in this police report.

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