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Police Report : Burglar Robs Boro Business

Description Of Offense : Burglary ( Business ) , Theft Over $1000,  Vandalism Over $1000

On 7/21/17 at 0640 Officer A arrived at 517 Cason Lane Suite B ( Cason Smoke For Less ) in response to a burglar alarm.

Upon arrival the officer observed that the back door to the business was open and there were three large trash bags of cigarette cartons in the area outside of the door. Officer A waited for backup to clear the building at this time.

Upon entering the business, the officer observed multiple items laying on the floor and several more bags of cigarette cartons and packages. After the building was cleared, Officer A observed a hole in the wall leading to the interior of the business. The owner of the business arrived and pulled up the video recordings for the store.

The video shows a black male, tall thin build, wearing a hoodie and a backpack enter the business at 0522 hours through the hole in the wall. While inside of the business the subject crawled on his stomach so he would not activate the motion detectors. The video shows the subject produce a mallet and being to strike the door handle to an office of the store. The subject broke the door handle off and was able to make entry into this room. The subject continued to crawl on his stomach to the front of the store.

At this time the subject can be seen stuffing cigarette packages and cartons into garbage bags and plastic grocery bags. The subject stayed inside the business from 0522 hours until 0637 hours. A detective arrived on scene to investigate this incident further.

Names and personal information have been omitted to protect the privacy of our local officers and subjects mentioned in this police report.

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