Clerk Assaulted & Over $2500 In Merchandise Stolen From Victoria’s Secret


Description Of Offense : Felony Theft, Assault On Clerk

On July 27th 2017 at 11:40AM, Officer A got a call on their cellphone from the manager at Victoria’s Secret at Stones River Mall that a black female had just left their store with over $2500 in merchandise and got in a dark maroon Ford Mustang two door with tinted windows and a Davidson County tag number [ TAG OMITTED ] 

The manager stated she tried to call 911 but got a recording. The officer immediately put out a BOLO and called RCSO with information.

In only a few minutes a RCSO deputy was attempting to stop the car at mile marker 70 on I-24 but the driver refused to stop and pursuit was cancelled.

Officer A went to the store and spoke with the manager who stated that the two black females have stolen from the store before. When the manager asked if she could help them or hold their ” over full bags ” they told her :

” You better get the fuck out of my face or you’re gonna get hurt. ”

The manager thought one of the women had a weapon so she backed off. The two women walked out the front door with large bags toward their car and a mall security officer beside them. They exited via the north side door and left with $2595.00 worth of items.

Witness 1 got good video of the car and tag number. Metro was called to check the address of the tag number but no one was home and no one knew anything at the address. Officer A requested a follow up by a detective.

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