Player of the Year Rankings Week 9

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Here are our current power rankings for Rutherford County Player of the Year for 2017 through Week 9 of the 2017 season.

Kemari McGowan, running back, Middle Tennessee Christian

Siegel's Lelan Wilhoite Unstoppable Again on Friday
Middle Tennessee Christian running back Kemari McGowan had another great game on Friday.

McGowan’s 2017 resume includes a 400-yard rushing game. For the season, he’s run 157 times for 1,557 yards (9.9 per carry) with 19 touchdowns. He’s also caught two passes for another 35 yards and added 96 return yards.. The Cougars are 5-3.

Savion Davis, running back, Riverdale

HS Football Week 9: Rutherford County Player of the Week

Davis has emerged from a talented group of runners to lead Riverdale with 1,369 yards rushing on 165 carries (8.1 per attempt) and has added 10 catches for 104 yards. The senior has scored 23 total touchdowns and adds 317 kickoff return yards. Ohio Valley Conference schools have taken a recruiting interest in Davis.

Woodi Washington, defensive back/wide receiver, Oakland

Washington has had a terrific two-was season for the Patriots. The high-level college prospect has picked off four passes and added 24 tackles (14 solo) while adding value on the offensive side with 16 catches for 338 yards. (Photo courtesy of Rajayna Riley.

Lelan Wilhoite, running back, Siegel

Siegel's Lelan Wilhoite Unstoppable Again on Friday

Perhaps no player has meant more to his team that Wilhoite. The senior has rushed 158 times for 1,292 yards and caught 21 passes for 183 more, and has accounted for 14 total touchdowns. He’s added 89 punt return yards, and 31 more on kickoffs. The only negative: Wilhoit has lost four fumbles this season.

Jeron Rooks, running back, Oakland

Rooks is the biggest offensive star on Oakland’s undefeated squad. The senior has rushed 98 times for 1,028 yards and 17 touchdowns, and caught 16 passes for 405 and five scores. Rooks has not lost a fumble this season. Cincinnati is showing interest in Rooks, who visited the UC campus earlier this year.  (Photo courtesy of Rajayna Riley.)



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