Player of the Year Rankings Week 10

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Here are our current power rankings for Rutherford County Player of the Year for 2017 through Week 10 of the 2017 season.

Kemari McGowan, running back, Middle Tennessee Christian

Siegel's Lelan Wilhoite Unstoppable Again on Friday
Middle Tennessee Christian running back Kemari McGowan had another great game on Friday.

MTCS dropped to 5-4 after a rare down week from McGowan. Still, the sophomore has rushed 174 times for 1,609 yards (9.2 per carry), added 35 receiving yards, and another 93 on returns.


Woodi Washington, defensive back/wide receiver, Oakland

Washington has had a terrific two-way season for undefeated Oakland. One of the area’s top shut-down defensive backs has four interceptions for 50 yards, with 16 solo stops, eight assists and 3.5 tackles for loss. Offensively, he’s caught 16 balls for 338 yards.

Savion Davis, running back, Riverdale

HS Football Week 9: Rutherford County Player of the Week

Davis has been remarkably consistent for Riverdale. Last Friday, he added another 100-yard rushing game and four touchdowns. His numbers on the season include 184 rushes for 1,478 yards and over 300 all-purpose yards between receiving and returns, and 27 TDs.

Lelan Wilhoite, running back, Siegel

Siegel's Lelan Wilhoite Unstoppable Again on Friday

Wilhoit’s 196 yards from scrimmage last week keeps him at the No. 2 spot. For the year, Siegel’s do-it-all star has 184 carries for 1,478 yards, 22 catches for 193 more, over 100 return yards and 18 total touchdowns.

Jeron Rooks, running back, Oakland

Rooks continues to bring it every week as the Patriots steamroll their opponents. The senior has 117 carries for 1,165 yards, 18 catches for 431 and 23 total touchdowns for Oakland (9-0).



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