Place Your Re-Orders Before Year-End

From Pretty in Pink Boutique


As the year of 2022 comes to a close, it is time to place your reorders with Pretty in Pink Boutique. Your insurance benefits will reset once the new year rolls around, so it’s essential to get your appointment scheduled and get your order placed before that happens.

About Pretty in Pink Boutique

Pretty In Pink Boutique is a Christian-based ministry that started with the intention to support women and their families in their journey with breast cancer. Since that simple beginning, they’ve expanded their vision to include thousands more men, women, and children suffering from the long-term effects of lymphedema and its impact on their lifestyles.

That commitment goes far beyond just the products and services they provide; it often means listening, caring, and sharing strength from seeing thousands of people survive and thrive.  Sometimes, their support means being there for your family members to help ease their minds and offer encouragement. Pretty in Pink’s intention is to be complementary to the medical treatment protocols.


There are so many different insurance companies and plans that it would be impossible to go over every single one here. In order to check your benefits and coverage, reach out to your insurance provider directly. You can also reach out to Pretty in Pink directly at [email protected] with any questions.

Year-End Rush

Appointments are quickly filling up, so don’t wait to schedule yours! This is the busiest year Pretty in Pink has ever had so don’t procrastinate. Fill out the reorder form online or reach out to schedule an appointment.

On another note; if you haven’t already, vote for your favorite Christmas tree. Pretty in Pink will donate a check in the winning store’s name to the Pretty in Pink foundation and raise money for those who otherwise may not be able to afford post-surgery garments.

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