photo by Taylor Means

Each week, we will bring you a photo of the day, showcasing the sights of Rutherford County (and beyond). Whether it’s a photo of a local landmark, a park, a photo from an event or just a great photo from the area, we want to showcase our local communities.


Photo of the week: Hot Vietnamese Coffee and double chocolate chip muffin from Coffee Fusion in Murfreesboro.

Located in The Gateway Village (836 N. Thompson Lane #1f, Murfreesboro), Coffee Fusion aims to serve the community Asian-inspired drinks, food and snacks. The menu includes items such as pho, fried rice with the option to pick a protein, and banh-mi’s sandwiches. They also have a boba tea selection. In addition to these dishes, they also serve a more traditional breakfast that includes bagel sandwiches or stuffed waffles. Coffee options are normal, but if you want something that is really going to kick you into gear, try their iced Vietnamese coffee!

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