Photo of the Week: October 24, 2022


Each week, we will bring you a photo of the week, showcasing the sights of Rutherford County (and beyond). Whether it’s a photo of a local landmark, a park, a photo from an event, or just a great photo from the area, we want to showcase our local communities throughout the next year.

This week’s photo is of the Adopt-A-Highway Group of the Month which is Smyrna Speedway and 7-Eleven Convenience Stores. TDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway groups are key in keeping the streets clean of litter in an effort to protect the state’s environment. Pictured from left to right are Joey Kelsey, Kacey Moriarity, Marcas Garza, Towania Parresol, Tammy Stopinski, Jaclyn Waters, Frank Crilley, Adam Waters, Don Poplar, Stacey Dodge and Paul Buchanan.


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