Petnership Veterinary Care Launches Mobile Housecall Veterinary Services


Petnership Veterinary Care opened its truck doors in May 2021, offering housecall veterinary services to the dogs and cats of Rutherford County and the greater Murfreesboro community.

Petnership Veterinary Care’s mission is to celebrate, protect and nurture the human-animal bond through compassionate, innovative and collaborative relationship-centered veterinary care. The clinic’s vision of veterinary medicine unites people, their pets and the veterinary team in a “petnership.”

The Petnership Veterinary Care staff is certified through Fear Free Pets, an organization that emphasizes practices to minimize fear, anxiety and stress associated with veterinary visits. In addition to bringing veterinary care to the pet’s home, this ensures an even greater care and compassion for the family pet.

Pets are much more than an animal that is present in lives. Pets become our loved ones and family members. Petnership Veterinary Care strives to ensure that the pet’s emotional health is not sacrificed for the sake of medical care.

“We have a new vision in veterinary medicine; Relationship centered veterinary care that understands what our patients are going through and what our clients are experiencing. Veterinary medicine is no longer a doctor telling clients what to do, it’s a “petnership,” where we [The veterinary team and pet owners] decide as a team what is best for the particular pet and family,” explains Dr. Sara Covert.

Dr. Sara Covert is a graduate of the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. As an associate at Williams Animal Hospital for over 16 years, Dr. Covert became an integral part of the Rutherford County community. Petnership Veterinary Care was born of friendships and relationships that always included pets – the “Petnership.” Dr. Covert hopes to share the vision of her practice with her adopted community and is looking forward to many more years of Petnerships in middle Tennessee.

Petnership Veterinary Care
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