peeps cereal

If you are a fan of Peeps, you can now start your day with Peeps cereal. Just ahead of Easter, Kellogg’s is releasing the limited-edition cereal to Target and soon to grocery stores, reports Delish.

While the photo on the cereal box shows the familiar Peeps shapes of chicks and bunnies, the cereal doesn’t appear to have either shape. The cereal pieces are tan, blue and green circles with marshmallows.

Curious about how they taste? The Glutenous Gal on Instagram stated the following.

“These Are Pretty Good. They’re Like Marshmallow-y Fruit Loops, In Terms Of The Texture.
As With Most Cereals, The Flavor On This One Dissipates Quickly After Pouring The Milk In The Bowl. The Wonderful Thing About These Is That The Marshmallows Are A Plenty And They Really Accentuate The Flavor. The Peep Flavor Is Subtle But They’re Not Bad. This Is Another Cereal That Tastes Better When Dry.”

When the Peeps creamer hits the shelves for the season, you could always use that instead of milk with your cereal.

Let us know, would you try the Peeps cereal?