Peacock Apothecary: Handmade Health & Beauty Products Inspired by Nature


Tucked down in a basement near Drip Purple on Murfreesboro’s Square lies a small shop with a stained-glass window where treasures are available for those who love for natural health and beauty products. It is called Peacock Apothecary.

About ten years ago, owner Grace Kelly began making all-natural soaps, serums, and lotions because her family suffered from very sensitive skin. Everything commercial seemed to cause more harm than good. Trained as a nurse, she has also always had an interest in skincare and products with no sulfates, paraben, aluminum, or irritating perfumes. She simply put her two loves together and began learning about how to make healthy personal care products.

She began making the products for her friends and family, and then word of their benefits got out and she started selling what she made. Peacock Apothecary now carries an extensive line of skincare products for men and women, as well as tub teas, immunity-boosting loose leaf drinking teas, elderberry syrup, and Irish Sea Moss capsules.

One of the items that customers rave over is the facial serum. Kelly’s daughter, Tinerra Bradley, explained that it hydrates and sculpts the face. “It is good for all types of skin, and also for eczema. I use it every day.”

Another product that Bradley recommends is the hair growth serum. “It helps your hair grow faster,” she explained. “it also comes in thicker and stronger.”

For men, the shop offers items like aftershave and beard oil. The African Black Soap is good for both male and female skin. According to, it is “[t]outed as a solution for breakouts, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and everything in between…And unlike the synthetic soaps you find at the drugstore, authentic black soap is handmade from plant-based ingredients in Africa.”

With COVID-19, immunity enhancements are very important. Kelly offers several varieties of loose leaf tea designed to do just that. Her teas include Immune-C Blend and Autumn Harvest, which are filled with lots of antioxidants, while her Goddess Blend helps regulate female hormones.

Elderberry syrup is an antiviral, and Peacock’s version is made with local honey helping to fight triggers to allergies.

Irish Sea Moss fights mucus build-up, and it is also an antiviral and antimicrobial. It relieves psoriasis and eczema, boosts immunity, and may alleviate constipation.

Customers rave about the results they are attaining from the products, and Kelly’s online business is growing with customers from as far away as North Carolina. She has also sold goods at the Murfreesboro Farmer’s Market on the Square during the summer.

The Peacock Apothecary
105 North Maple Street
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Phone: (201) 966-9557
Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 11:00 am until 5:00 pm
Saturday, 10:00 am until 6:00 pm
Closed Sunday.