Panther Creek Brews: In Your Face Flavor


Three long-bearded comrades with serious attitude are the masters of fermentation behind Panther Creek Brewery. Back in 2007, Jeremy Taylor and J.T. Gowen got together as neighbors and friends to split the cost of doing some home brewing. Melvin Stewart also joined the team.

“We had been home brewing for years, competing in contests, and participating in festivals,” said J.T. Gowen. “We sorta garnered a small but enthusiastic following who urged us to ‘go pro’. In 2015, we formed Panther Creek Brews, LLC, and began this grand adventure.”

You know something is different about them when you pull up their website. They don’t have photos of themselves, but rather black and white logo-like illustrations. The illustrations make one think of the guys from Pawn Stars. But these guys are Brew Stars.

“What makes our beer different is our big bold ‘in your face’ flavor threshold,” added Gower. “We are not afraid to try crazy ingredients or interesting techniques to achieve a memorable experience for the consumer.”

Distribution of their product is limited. They are currently only doing contract brewing, which limits the number of varieties they can offer. At various establishments in and around Murfreesboro, you will find three to five varieties. Now they are working on building a brewery in Murfreesboro, in the area that is called The Bottoms.

“Folks can stay tuned to our social media sites (Facebook and Instagram) to find out what is available, where, and when,” said Gower.

Currently they are running an INDIEGOGO Account to help them raise funds to get the new venture up and running. According to their overview, Panther Creek Brews is looking for investors to help them battle against mundane, monotonous brews. Even though beer comes first, they say, they want to create the right atmosphere to enjoy their brews with a beer garden, live entertainment, rooms for games, and rentable space for parties.

“Descending from the stars and sky like bearded superheroes from the pages of your favorite comic book,” says the account, “we are here to make sure you never have a boring beer again!!! We need an army to build this and you are that army!!”

They have participated in Boro Bites and Brews for several years, and other local food events. Perhaps Panther Creek Brews are perfect for these events because they pair so well with different foods.

“The perfect food pairing would definitely depend on the particular beer you are drinking,” said Gower. “Two Scoops, our vanilla blonde ale, pairs perfectly with sweet, hot, or spicy foods including many Asian dishes, chili, mango or jalapeño salsa. Our Creek Smoke Scotch Ale is rich, sweet-malty, with warm caramel toasty flavors and hints of smoke. It pairs well with roasted pork, smoked sausage, and hearty foods. It also complements the nutty flavors of chicken satay, cashew chicken, pecan pie, and peanut sauces. Intensely flavorful, highly spiced dishes, such as curry are complemented by our PorchLyfe IPA.”

A loyal but dedicated following has allowed them to grow over the last 10 years. Now, they are hoping to increase that following with this new venture. With all of the interest in artisan beers, mixed with their love of blending one-of-a-kind brews, they feel this is the time to move forward while leading the charge in the up and coming Arts District in The Bottoms.

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