Tips For Spring Cleaning- Organic Household Cleaning


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Moving into a new home can be challenging especially if the house isn’t as clean as you want it to be. Cleaning with household products is a safer and cheaper alternative to using products with harsh chemicals.

Some safe alternatives to store bought products are:

* Vinegar – Use a 50/50 blend of vinegar and distilled water on windows and glass to make them shine. Also soak items in vinegar to eat off rust.

* Club soda – Club soda helps get rid of many difficult stains including red wine.

* Dryer sheets – These sheets help control odor in your home and repel dust and hair on furniture. Rub a dryer sheet on a couch or table to help control the dust that accumulates or stick a sheet in a drawer or pet area to use as an inexpensive air freshener.

* Lemon – Rub half of a lemon on a metal fixture and rinse to clean water marks. Using a mixture of water, lemon and baking soda, pour the solution down the drain to clean your garbage disposal.

* Cotton – Clean the dust off of ceiling fans by using a pillow case to scoop the dust into. Cleaning blinds is easy by putting an old sock over your hand and gripping the blind to clean both sides with the sock.

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