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Fuzzy friends can become some of the best of friends. One local animal rescue is reaching out to help dogs find permanent homes and Saturday was one of them. This past weekend Operation Education Animal Rescue was set up at PetsMart in Murfreesboro and they attracted a good crowd. While there was only about fifteen dogs at the meet and greet, OpEd, has 60 dogs available for adoption. On Saturday they received six adoption applications alone.

Tiffany With a couple of her dogs.
Tiffany With a couple of her dogs.

Tiffany Glayton, Creator for the organization, says she moved to Murfreesboro to go to MTSU and while she was here she began to foster dogs. She says while she enjoyed the people she worked with, she wanted to make her own rescue a little differently, accepting every type of breed.

While contemplating her plan for an animal rescue she meet a dog named Lila. She thought she was just going to be watching her for two weeks while someone was moving. After two weeks, Lila`s owner never returned so Tiffany had gained a new pet. A couple months later she ended up having eleven puppies in her guest room and this is how OpEd began.

Zeus who is currently up for adoption

The non profit rescue has been officially opened since 2010 and many volunteers have become close friends with Tiffany. About a year and a half ago they had rescued a  ferell dog named Novella. When Tiffany took her to the vet clinic they told her she had escaped.

“She escaped from the vet clinic. We chased her for about three months and I practically lived out there at that clinic. I put a post on Facebook because there was a patch of woods which I knew she was staying in but if I went in one side she would go out the other. I wanted to get about fifty to sixty people to come and surround the area to capture her. Rebecca was one of the volunteers that showed up to help”.

Multiple people came from around the community to help out this one dog but Rebecca ended up wanting to help out more, ultimately forming a friendship with Tiffany. She now fosters animals and is the secretary for the organization. Rebecca says, “After learning how passionate Operation Education Animal Rescue was about not only one dog but all dogs, she knew she had found her passionate animal rescue home. She also enjoys every moment with the rescue, especially finding the forever homes for sweet animals.”

IMG_2041The operation only started out taking dogs at first but over the years has been accepting cats as well. All animals are provided with vaccines and neutered.If you are interested in adopting or fostering a pet you can view the animals on their website at

If you want to help out the rescue but can`t afford the cost they are always accepting small donations such as food, blankets,  and paper towels. If you would like to donate anything you can email them at [email protected].