Online Form Available to Submit COVID-19 Concerns/Questions


Rutherford County Government announced Wednesday the addition of an online form created specifically for citizens in the community to ask questions or share concerns about COVID-19.

“With Governor Lee extending his #StayHome Order on Monday, we felt this was a great time to roll out this new communications tool,” said Mayor Bill Ketron. “We receive several calls daily from our citizens with various COVID-19 related questions, concerns, or suggestions. This is a fast and innovative way for us to streamline their requests and get the right information to them in a timely manner.”

The form can be accessed by visiting:

It’s simple. Persons filling out the form will select a subject or category that their question/concern falls under and complete the rest of the form with their contact information. They can even select the jurisdiction they are in. For instance, if the person is a resident of the Town of Smyrna and has a question about a business there, the inquiry will be directed to a team member in Smyrna.

“The County has a webpage dedicated to COVID-19 with several informational links connecting citizens with opportunities to help, places to receive assistance, updates to county government operations, and other resources,” said Ketron. “There is even a frequently asked question section, but we realize that more personalized contact is desired in special circumstances and that’s why we wanted to offer this format. We want to make sure that our citizens have the information that will best help them to navigate through this unprecedented health situation.”

It should be noted that the survey is for non-health related COVID-19 concerns. However, information on how to contact the Rutherford County Health Department about medical concerns is provided.

“Rutherford County, this is something none of us have ever experienced, and I hope we never have to experience it again once we get through it,” said Ketron, “and we WILL get through it. We are strong, we have proven this time and time again in the face of adversities. Your commitment to flattening the curve in our communities is appreciated, and I’m confident that when we work together, we will see successful outcomes.”