OBITUARY: Erick Bixler


Erick Bixler departed this world Sunday, July 26th. Born May 31, 1975, the powers that be saw fit to propel his existence with power pulled directly from the Sun. Tirelessly creating and unfailingly kind, in his 45 years, his light burned brighter than a million stars. Father, veteran, husband, diver, brother, entrepreneur, son, builder, uncle, lover, explorer, goofball, rogue, adventurer, biker, winged-warrior, devout friend, and all-around good time clad in leather, fur, and a wide toothy grin. Erick lived in a style of wild, unrepentant freedom that most believe only exists in fiction. He will be eternally missed and remembered by his family and a legion of loyal loved ones as an extraordinarily beautiful spirit whose incessant zeal for living was an inspiration to everyone he met.

He was loved by all and survived by all.

‘Live a full life. Be vigilant. Love wins. Be slow to anger and quick to forgive. Know joy.’ ~ MavErick Bixler

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