The ‘Boro Can Only Belong to One


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Oakland started the night off with a costly error. As junior, Justin Jefferson, lined up to receive the games first punt, the ball slipped through hands. Setting Riverdale up in prime scoring position. 

And score Riverdale would. Warrior QB, Taylor Yancey, found his wide out, Troy Hudson, to convert a third and long. Then Warrior stud running back, Savion Davis, capitalized on the next play. Putting Riverdale up early 7 to nothing with 7:31 left in the first. 

The player who usually gets Oaklands offense going, did just that. Streaking across the middle of the field, Jeron Rooker, snagged a first down catch to keep his O on the field. 

The catch was just what Oakland needed too. The momentum carried their offense right into the end zone on the legs of Patriot power back, Mookie Wilson. Tying the game at 7 each with five minutes to play.

Another Riverdale drive failed to produce, but Oakland’s Justin Jefferson, did the unthinkable.  Allowing another ball to go through his usually sure hands. Riverdale once again hopped on the turnover. 

The Warriors watched their only chance at a touchdown fall to the field on an over throw. After Yancey danced around in the back field, he eyed a wide open reciever. But couldn’t connect with him.

Riverdale, unable to find the end zone, lined up for a field goal. But Oakland was having none of that, as a slew of Patriots burst into the back field and blocked the attempt.

In a very uncharacteristic fashion Oakland committed yet another turnover. This time on offense. Tailback, Charlie Carson, lost his first carry with nine minutes left in the 2nd.

After the turnover Riverdale’s flow on offense was gone. Spoiling another perfect chance at points.

The Patriots wasted little time once they got the ball back. Oakland’s main man, Rooker, struck again. This time getting to pay dirt himself, putting his team up 14-7.

The stagnant Warrior offense still could do nothing against the vaunted Patriot D. Going three and out, giving the ball away. 

With Oakland back on offense, the Warriors finally managed to slow things down. Holding the Pats to a 45 yard field goal. The Patriot lead now 17-7. 

The sloppy special teams play crept up on Oakland again, this time in the fashion of running into Riverdale’s punter.

Despite the free first down, Riverdale apparently got tired of punting the ball back to Oakland. So this time they threw it to them. Yance, being picked off by Oakland junior, Kameron Goodrich with 1:45 in the half.

After the pick, Oakland set up shop in their own territory. Their field position changed fast when Patriot quarterback, Timmy Goodrich, broke off a huge run. Getting his team in field goal range with seconds left in the half. 

Place kicker, Aaron Sears, was good again, this time from 38. Oakland went into the half leading 20 to 7.

Oakland’s dominance had been firmally established in the first half and it set the tone for second half. The Patriot D attacked the Riverdale offense relentlessly, never giving an inch, and definitely not any points.

Rooker’s big night kept on rolling in second half. Adding two more touchdowns to his season totals. He also showed off his skills coming out of there backfilled as a receiver frequently on the night.

Oakland added on another touchdown, after a physical run by senior, Malik Marshall and one last field goal. Making Sears perfect on the night at three for three. 

Oakland closed out Riverdale 43-14 in the ‘Battle of the ‘Boro, securing the trophy for yet another year. Making it six in a row now for the Patriots over their rival Warriors.

Next week Riverdale look to get back to their winning ways when they travel to Franklin, Tennessee and take on Centennial. 

The Patriots play for what could be considered the region 3 defacto championship game next Friday. As the Pats will head west to face foe, Blackman in another match up of ‘Boro unbeatens.

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