Oakland High Student’s Art Featured at Frist Museum


Rutherford County Schools

Fernanda Morelos-Gomez is an Oakland High School senior whose artwork Like Yesterday, was selected for the 2022 TN Young Artists Show. Five students were selected to have their artwork be a part of the show, which is now on display at Frist Art Museum until February 2023.

Frank Baugh, Visual Arts instructor at Oakland, describes Fernanda’s art as “personal” and “diverse”. In this first edition of #RCSArtsandAthletics, Fernanda answers questions about her art and philosophy.


Q: Why do you like art? When did you start?

A: My name is Fernanda Morelos-Gomez and I am a senior in high school. I’m graduating this year and want to go to college for the arts. I’m not sure where, but I think MTSU. I really enjoy sharing the feeling of happiness when people look at something visually interesting. So, I just express my feelings through art and it’s kind of a comfort. It’s an activity to do when you’re alone or when you’re with others. I just really enjoy it and have done it since, well, I was a child. Everyone starts drawing as a child, but I really picked it up around 11 years old because I had a social group that would share drawings with each other and encourage each other.

Q: How would you describe your art?  

A: I’ve always liked drawing with my pencils, graphite. But recently I’ve gotten into painting more and I’ve gotten into more colored pencils, so I think my favorite would be colored pencils. But I also mix it with paint, so I kind of like layering. There’s not a set medium I use. I like combining them sometimes. As for the subject, it depends on the project. Sometimes I focus on myself and what I like to look at or what I would like to express, but a lot of times it’s kind of something for someone else. I do feel like I enjoy it more when I do it personally, but I also like doing prompts or creating for someone.  

Q: How did you first hear about submissions to the Frist?  

A: Mr. Baugh first told me about the opportunity, and I was really intrigued by it and wanted to submit. He helped me with the process. I think I entered about seven pieces, and I wasn’t really expecting much from it. I just entered to enter. But I’m really excited for it. I’m glad that I did it. It was just for the IB and AP programs and was open to anybody taking these advanced classes.

Q: What meaning does this specific piece have for you?  

A: Well, I really wanted to convey nostalgia. I feel that’s a very strong emotion because it’s something you can’t go back to, and more of a personal feeling. Not everyone is going to find everything nostalgic. People have certain memories or objects they find nostalgic, so I feel this piece that I did really conveys nostalgia for me. I used to play outside as a child and would get bored easily. Recreating that feeling through my siblings is kind of like… it’s like a generation has passed – it’s passed down. I find it comforting to know they’re also going through the same things I went through.

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